Tailwind is improving our database and creating a faster, more responsive product for you to enjoy! Unfortunately, in this migration to a better Tailwind experience, we've run into some issues that are affecting our legacy product. Our engineering team is working fast to remedy these issues as quickly as possible. These are temporary and will result in our best version of Tailwind yet!

However, if you are experiencing one or more of these issues, you can now see our ongoing issues list below. This list contains every issue our team is aware of and working on. If you see your issue listed, please know these are being worked on these as quickly as possible! If your issue is on the below list there is no need to message our Customer Support team.

If you don't see your issue listed, please continue to write to Customer Support so we can assist you further. You can write to us at [email protected].

Additionally, resolved issues will be updated on this page. Please revisit this page to see if your issue has been resolved before messaging our Customer Support.

Note: This list is updated in real-time.

Currently Active Issues 🐛 :


  • My scheduled posts are not being shared to Communities

  • I'm losing my Communities submission count (my Communities submissions don't match what I'm actually submitting)

  • I can’t see what Pins I've already added to Communities

  • I'm getting a "whoops" page on Communities

Original/Legacy Publisher-

  • Time slots are being added to my schedule

  • The 'shuffle queue' button not working

  • The 'fill empty time slots' button is not working

  • My post count is showing negative numbers

Pinterest Publishing-

  • Ampersand (&) is not publishing correctly on Pinterest

  • My interval Pins are gapping and/or grouping together

Instagram Publishing-

  • I'm unable to cross-post from Instagram to Pinterest

  • My Smart.bio link says it's not in my Instagram bio even though it is

  • I am unable to add my latest posts to my Smart.bio

Insights/Pin Inspector (Published)-

  • The Pin Inspector date filter is not actually filtering

  • It’s not possible to select the 31st of any month in Insights

  • My daily summary emails sometimes don’t show Daily Pin Activity

  • I'm unable to see older posts in Pin Inspector

  • I can't load my most recent 5k Pins

  • My insights are dated 1969

  • I'm getting a "whoops" page on the Pin Inspector (Published) page


  • I can't bulk upload into Smartloop

  • I am seeing the "you’ve successfully added 0 pins" error message

  • My SmartLoops are not loading. I am seeing a spinning wheel

  • I am seeing the error message “Your SmartLoop post needs a board name”

Browser Extension-

  • The extension is endlessly spinning or leading to a "whoops" page


  • My post count is not matching the actual number of published posts

Recently Fixed Issues 🎉 :

  1. Photo Editor edits not saving

  2. Posts that were on the schedule for the future are missing from the calendar

  3. Posts are not visible on the Home Page schedule prior to last Thursday

  4. Interval pins — drafts with multiple boards do not split into multiple drafts when saved

  5. Spam-guard is being randomly activated

  6. The discrepancy between the number of Pins that are scheduled.

  7. Extension incorrectly sourcing Pin URLs

  8. Posts are in limbo/disappearing (they should be failing)

  9. The Original Publisher is still showing old locked Pins

  10. The “click to see more detail” link above repins on Community board isn’t working anymore.

  11. Chrome extension is forever spinning and not scheduling

  12. Not able to refresh board lists - receiving an error message

  13. Mobile App - My Tailwind app is showing a blank screen

  14. Mobile App - I'm receiving an error message when trying to schedule

  15. I'm not able to see when a Pin was last published to a board in Legacy

  16. All boards are showing as locked (private boards)

  17. The extension is timing out and leading to the "whoops" page

  18. URLs from Communities are broken - failed with broken images in the failed/missed section

  19. "Whoops" screen when visiting Publisher

  20. Receiving a "Gateway" error when visiting your dashboard

  21. My Smartloops are not loading

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