Sending attachments in emails can be tricky for many reasons: some ISPs may flag them as spam, your audience may believe the attachments are spam, and the message itself could be so large it becomes a hassle for the recipient.

We have a better and more effective alternative for you! 🎉 We can host your file on our File Manager and add a link to your email content. You'll improve deliverability and enhance the user experience for your audience.

Adding a PDF to an email campaign

First, import the PDF into your content library, just as you would an image. Here's how it's done:

1. Open the campaign and select Edit Email:

2. Within the email content, select an image. Click on Change Image.

3. Click on Upload and upload your PDF. (PDFs are not visible in the content library.) Once the upload is complete, close the file manager.

4. Highlight the text in your content you'd like to link and create a link to the File Manager.

5. Access the PDF within the content library and select Insert.

6. Make any final edits to your text and click OK to save the link.

Here is a quick video to show you the details:

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