Note: This article is for the new Tailwind: Instagram Planner app. If you haven't yet downloaded the new app, get it here on iOS or Android!

In the mobile app, you can use saved captions and hashtag lists you've created in the desktop version of Tailwind. See how to do this on desktop here. You can also create captions to save from the mobile app as well!

How to Add a Caption or Hashtag List

  • First, choose a draft or scheduled post you'd like to add one to

  • Next, tap in the caption field and choose the Saved tab

  • From here, you can select a saved list of hashtags or caption and have it automatically added to the caption field!

  • Great! You've added your Caption/Hashtag List!

How to Save a Caption or Hashtag List

  • Simply type a caption or set of hashtags you'd like to save in the caption field, then choose Create preset from this caption

When you're done, hit OK to go back to the "Update Post" screen.

  • To delete a saved caption or hashtag list, simply tap the trash can icon on the right-hand side of any that you'd like to delete:

If you have any other questions, use the Get Help button in Settings or email us at [email protected].

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