Love Tailwind Create so much that you want to create even more Pins? Lucky for you, there are a few different pricing options for you to pick from!

Tip: Members need to have a Monthly or Annual Plus Plan in order to purchase the Tailwind Create plans. Check out the difference between each plan here: What is the difference between Plus Monthly and Plus Annual?

When you upgrade Tailwind Create, you'll be choosing from 3 different paid plans that will coincide with your current billing cycle. We also offer a Free plan with fewer available features that can still be very useful if you're still on the fence.

During our special promotional period, these plans will be 50% off!

The plans are separated into the Free, Starter, Advanced, and Max plan.

The pricing for each will show as follows (reflecting the current 50% off):

Create Free: $0 Monthly/ $0 with Annual plan

Create Starter: $7.49 Monthly/ $6.17 with Annual Plan

Create Advanced: $14.99 Monthly/ $12.42 with Annual Plan

Create Max: $29.99 Monthly/ $24.92 with Annual Plan

"Thanks for the pricing! But what cool features will I get with each plan?"

Good Question!

You can see below that each plan offers distinct features and Pin creation volumes that are tailored to your needs as a creator. The higher the plan, the more features, like access to premium stock photos and uploading your own custom fonts.

You can find the Tailwind Create Plans by hovering over your Your Plan Information on your Create Homepage. Click the See Tailwind Create Plans button to view and upgrade!

We can't wait to see what awesome and unique designs you create! If you have any questions, message our Customer Success Team at

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