Learn everything you need to know about using a Content Plan on Instagram, including:

  • What is an Instagram Content Plan?

  • How to set up your Content Plan

  • How to edit your Content Plan to fit your posting schedule

  • How to use your Content Plan to plan images and write engaging captions

What Is an Instagram Content Plan?

Your Instagram Content Plan helps you plan types of posts to make on Instagram, offers inspiration and suggestions for what to post, and helps you stay organized! With Instagram Content Plans, Tailwind offers a plan for you to follow in order to be active and successful on Instagram by posting regularly with a strategy. Content Plans help you be more engaged with your audience and less overwhelmed by planning out your content!

How to Set Up and Edit Your Content Plan

On your Drafts page, if you haven’t set up a content plan you’ll see a button at the top of your 9 grid that says Set Up Content Plan. (Once you set up a content plan, this will say Edit Content Plan.)

Choose the best category that describes your business and click Generate Plan. This will help generate a personalized set of Post types for Time Slots in your calendar. Any business type you select will offer the same range of post types and inspiration, but your content plan will be organized differently based on which business you select. You can always re-select your business to explore different content plans!

Your personalized plan for growth will recommend a mix of different types of posts in order to direct your audience to your content! The post types for your content plan will repeat each week.

​Your Content Plan will show in the 9-grid on the right hand side of your dashboard. You will see a post type on each time slot you selected when you customized your plan.

Edit Your Content Plan to Fit Your Schedule

Once you choose your business type, you can choose either See My Plan in the Dashboard (to view your Content Plan in your regular Tailwind schedule) or Customize My Plan.

Customizing your Content Plan allows you to change the post types for each individual day of the week by clicking on the drop-down menu next to any post type. Your generated Content Plan will match the number of posts you choose to make in a day.

You can choose to delete a content plan slot, change the post type, or add your own custom type of post!

Once you have edited your content plan, make sure to click Save Changes to preserve any changes you have made!

Once your changes are saved, you can either click View My Plan in the Dashboard to see your content plan in action, or you can choose Go Back to re-select your business type.

Use Your Content Plan to Create Images and Write Engaging Captions

You will be able to view your content plan when editing drafts by clicking View Draft Guide at the top of your draft.

Note the following features in the Draft Guide:

  1. You can choose See Inspiration to open the draft guide in a larger window to explore inspiration, including holidays to post about and sample photos.

  2. You can change the individual post type from the drop-down menu to view additional inspiration.

  3. Use the arrows to explore Caption Templates for your post.

  4. You can either Copy the Caption Template to your clipboard or choose Add to Draft to add the Caption Template directly to the caption in your draft.

  5. View Prompts that help inspire your caption and photo.

  6. Add Notes as you develop your draft and caption for reminders and inspiration.

Clicking on See Inspiration will allow you to explore caption templates, curated example Instagram posts, post prompts, and holidays to post about. You can change your post type to explore inspiration, add caption templates to your draft, and view examples on Instagram to inspire you!

Now you're ready to post engaging content on Instagram! If you have any questions or feedback, you can always reach out to us via your desktop or by emailing [email protected].

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