Are you wanting the ability to enhance your photos directly in Tailwind before scheduling them to Pinterest or Instagram? If so, we have a great new tool for you, image editor. Head over to your drafts page to get started adding filters, text, and much more!

Note: You access this tool the same for both Instagram and Pinterest but the screenshots below will be of the Instagram flow.

1. Navigate to your Drafts Page (located in the pop-out menu in the left-hand navigation).

2. From there, hover over the draft post you'd like to edit and you'll see the magic wand in the bottom right-hand corner. Click to select "Edit Image" option.

Note: the magic wand will appear in the top left-hand corner on drafts for Pinterest.

3. Using the left navigation bar, toggle between editing tabs and make adjustments as you see fit.

Note: options are as follows- Crop, Filters, Adjust, Focus, Frames, Overlays, Text, Text Design, Stickers, and Brush.

4. When you are done enhancing your image, lock those changes in with the "Save Image" selection (top right corner). Similarly, using the "Close" option will return you to your Tailwind Dashboard.

Helpful Tip: At this time, Image Editor is only compatible with images; hopefully we can offer video editing in the future!

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