You cannot Auto Post image sets to Instagram, but you can schedule a Carousel Style image set using the Push Notification method.

The best way to do this is to upload your first image or video to the Drafts section by selecting Create New Post and then the Multiple Image button. Tip: You can add up to 10 images or videos per multi-image post.

Once your images are uploaded, you can open your draft post and you will see the Edit Multiple Image button directly under the image. You will then have the option to move the image sequence around how you'd like them to show on Instagram. (You'll also have the ability to add more by selecting the + option.)

When you put all your images in the perfect carousel sequence, select the X at the top of the window. This will take you back to edit the post draft. You will then notice the button changes to Edit Image and there will be a small carousel symbol in the top left corner.

From there, you can add in your caption and hashtags and then schedule!

Remember, your carousel post will use the Push Notification method, as carousels aren't available with the Auto Post method.

When the scheduled time comes, you'll receive a notification on your phone (make sure to have the Tailwind mobile app installed) where you'll be able to make any final changes to the caption or hashtags before opening up Instagram to post.

Then, you can select Post Now at the bottom of the post and the images will be saved to your phone's photo library and the caption/hashtags will be saved to your phone's clipboard. Once you're in Instagram, choose to post to Feed, then select the "Carousel" option which looks like a stacked card icon in the lower right-hand corner.

Then, just select the images that got saved to your phone from Tailwind, click Next to add filters, and finally, paste the caption/hashtags from your clipboard before hitting Share to send to your feed!

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