Refreshing your boards in the Tailwind web app is pretty easy, and we also do it for you automatically every 24 hours. However, getting those same updates to the Tailwind mobile app is a little bit harder and requires a few more manual steps to see the same changes. Essentially, we're forcing a refresh on Desktop first and then forcing another refresh in the mobile app to apply the changes. 

1. In your Desktop browser, go to your Drafts Page (located in the pop-out menu in the left hand navigation). 

2. Draft a Pin, click in the "Type a Board Name" box, wait 5 seconds and click the pop up, "Refresh Boards List" button to Refresh boards on the webapp. 

3. The Boards will need to refresh on the mobile app, so try going back to the Home tab, then go back to the Pin and try adding the new Board. 

Bam! It should show up in the list ready to be added! 

Helpful Tip: If you're still not seeing the new Board, try closing and reopening the app and check again. 

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