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How Do I Schedule Posts From the Web on My Phone?
How Do I Schedule Posts From the Web on My Phone?
Ready to schedule great content on the go? See how to schedule Posts using your phone right from your mobile browser!
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Scheduling posts from your mobile browser is a breeze with the help of Tailwind's mobile app. This gives you the ability to schedule content from just about anywhere on the web! 

Note: The process looks slightly different on iPhone and Android, but is fundamentally the same: Go to a page you want to share, click the share button, then choose Tailwind! 

  1. First you need to have the Tailwind app installed on your device -- head over to the Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iOS!  

  2. Next, on your mobile browser, go to a site or blog that you'd like to share from and click the share button: 



3. This will bring up different apps to share through. You'll need to select Tailwind, but if this is your first time, more than likely you won't see the Tailwind app on the first row. Scroll over and tap "more" to find Tailwind. 



5. Once you tap the Tailwind button from your list of apps to share to, you will see thumbnails of all the photos on that webpage. Choose the most compelling and interesting photo(s) to use for Pinterest or Instagram. And, yes, you can select more than one!

6. After selecting your photo(s), tap “Next” to start scheduling or add them to Drafts. 

And done! You now have beautiful Posts ready to go out to your profile! 

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