Note: These instructions are for the Tailwind: Planner and Scheduler app and NOT the new Tailwind: Instagram Planner app. See instructions for the newer app here.

Creating Hashtag Lists in the Desktop Webapp can definitely help you save time from having to copy and paste or re-type hashtags over and over again! Luckily, you can also use these same saved lists in the Tailwind mobile app while Scheduling to Instagram. See how to create these lists in our Knowledge Base Article, "Save Hashtag Lists"

Additionally, you can save Captions as well to be used in future Posts! 

How to save a Caption or Hashtag list

On a Draft or Scheduled Post, tap the "Save caption & hashtags" button. 

Next, you can choose to either save a Caption or a Hashtag List. (Don't forget to save!)

Great! You've saved your first Caption/Hashtag List! To use them on future Posts, simply tap into the caption field on the post to enter a caption, then you'll see the "Saved" tab under the caption. That's where all saved Captions/Hashtag Lists will be located! 

Hint: Want to add these hashtags to the first comment instead? Simply tap into the "First Comment (Hashtags only)" field instead of the caption field

Then tap on the "Saved" button

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