After you've downloaded our app from either the Google Play Store on Android or Apple App Store on iOS, follow the steps below to start scheduling your Instagram posts!

How to schedule Instagram posts from Start to Finish

The first screen that you'll be taken to when you open the app is your Home screen. 

From here you'll be able to see what upcoming content you have to be posted, as well as a few quick links you can use to create a post. 

To create a new post, simply tap the + Create A Post button at the top of the app.

You can even create a new draft from your Publisher page! Simply tap on the Add Post option within your Drafts area.

No matter where you choose to create a new post from, the next part is the simple: Choose the photo that you want to publish!

You can choose to publish a photo from your photo library, or if you're feeling fabulous and inspired, you can choose to snap a quick photo with your camera app! 📷💥 

Please note: At this time we can only auto-publish photos - not videos. Additionally, if you have additional storage on your Android in the form of an SD card, you'll need to transfer that media to your native photo library first before it can be uploaded to the Tailwind app.

WOO HOO! You now have a draft ready to rock! 

After you've added a good amount of content to your post by crafting a caption, adding hashtags, choosing a location to add (if you wish), you'll need to select which publishing method you want to use for your post.

If you want us to publish your photos for you, you'll need to setup Auto Post for each Instagram profile that you've added to your Tailwind account. 

In order to take advantage of auto-posting and all the great features that come with it, you’ll need an Instagram business profile to get started. If you don't have one, it only takes a minute to make the switch. Then head to the Tailwind for Instagram dashboard on your laptop/desktop and click on the brightly colored bar at the top of the page to enable auto post. 

Otherwise, you can choose for us to send you a push notification to your device.

After you've chosen the publishing method for your post:

  • Choose either a suggested time or set a custom time to publish

  • Select Schedule to add it to the queue

  • Or select Post Now to share it directly to Instagram

Congrats! Your post is ready to go! 🎉 

In addition to showing a preview of the 9-Grid with all scheduled posts, we'll also show you a snapshot on your Home screen of what content you have planned to be released during the current week, as well!

Heads up! There are plenty more awesome features coming! Make sure to keep your app up-to-date so you can get all the latest and greatest tools we'll be releasing for our mobile users 😊

Having some trouble with our app? Check out our troubleshooting guide

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