Our Android app makes scheduling and planning your content on the go a breeze! 

What will I have the ability to do within the Android for Pinterest App?

  • Sign up with Pinterest
  • Switch Accounts
  • Edit a Draft Pin and Save
  • Add Pin Titles
  • Add Pin Source (URL)
  • Delete Pins
  • Send a Draft to the Schedule Queue
  • Send a Pin from the Schedule Queue back to Drafts.
  • Add multiple boards

Note: At this time, there is not an option to Create a New Pin or Pin/Schedule a Video Pin.

After you've downloaded our Android app from the Google Play Store, follow the steps below to start scheduling your Pins!

How to schedule Pinterest Pins on Android from Start to Finish

The first screen that you'll be taken to when you open the app is your Home screen. 

From here you'll be able to head over to the Publisher. This will show you what is currently sitting in your Drafts as well as what you've recently added to your Drafts dashboard. 

Switch over to the My Schedule Tab to see your current Schedule. To add a new pin to your Schedule, select the + . This will then bring up your current Drafts to choose from. 

Add the details to your pin - Pinterest Board, Title, Description, and URL. You will then have the option to either send to your Schedule Queue or Save as Draft.

If sent to schedule, the Pin will now appear under the Day and Time slot that you selected! As well as, any previously scheduled pins. 

Heads up! There are plenty more awesome Android features coming! Make sure to keep your app up-to-date so you can get all the latest and greatest tools we'll be releasing for our Android users 😊

Having some trouble with our app? Check out our troubleshooting guide for Android.

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