Want to make your pin more "discoverable"? Adding a title to your pin can do just that!

What is a Pin Title? A Pin Title is a short bit of information that provides context in the feed and on the Pin closeup. Pinterest is now going to require that each pin have a title included. Here are a few best practices to keep in mind when adding your title.

• Include a simple, compelling headline as your title (up to 100 characters) to help your Pin stand out!
Be descriptive without being wordy.  Only the first 30-35 characters are most likely to show in people’s feeds (especially on mobile).
Focus your title on the content of the Pin, and don’t simply repeat what’s already in your description!
Avoid “clickbait”... actually, don’t use the word ‘click’ :)
• To improve discoverability, try using keywords your audience would be searching for.

Steps to Add a Title

  1. Upload your pin using the + Create New Pin feature on your Drafts or Schedule Dashboard.

2. Once your image is available in the Drafts Dashboard, you will have the option to add your Pin Title between the Board and Description sections.

Tip: Start with the key words in your linked content. Pinterest wants to see consistency from Pin to page. From there, branch out to other keywords which might be more likely to be searched in Pinterest. 

The Tailwind Browser Extension will also pick up the title of a Pin when scheduling from Pinterest or your website.

1. When hovering over an image, select the Tailwind Schedule button.

2. In the pop up drafts window, you'll see the Pin includes the Title and Description. 

3. Add your Board and Add to Queue.

When using the Browser Extension to schedule from your website, Tailwind will pick up the title from the website's meta data. 

  1. From your website, select the Tailwind Browser Extension bookmarklet.

2. Select the images you'd like to schedule. 

3. In the popup Drafts window, you'll see the Pin includes the Title and Description.

Tip: Once you've added your pin to the Schedule Dashboard, you will have the ability to edit the Title without sending it back to Drafts. 

For more information about Pin Titles and how is affects your SEO, check out Tailwind's Blog Post - Pinterest SEO Quick Tip - How to Write Pin Titles.

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