There are currently two issues prevailing in the Facebook/Instagram social space that you might experience when trying to auto-publish with Tailwind.

Unfortunately with both of these issues we are at the mercy of Instagram/Facebook, as the issue stems from their platform(s). However, since we are partners with both platforms, we're working very closely with each to bring awareness to this issue to ultimately solve it for all Facebook and Instagram businesses.

The first issue is that Instagram might not recognize you as an admin of your Facebook Business Page, even though you're listed as one.

Upon trying to first setup auto-posting for your Instagram Business Profile on Tailwind, you might receive the following message:

Whoops! Looks like the Facebook profile you've synced with (your name) doesn't have access to publish to @YourInstagramProfile on Instagram. Your FB profile must have an EDITOR or ADMIN role on the Facebook Business Page associated with @YourInstagramProfile!

First, make sure that you are indeed listed as an admin on your Facebook Business Page. If you are, proceed to the Facebook Disconnect Issue Fix video/steps after the second issue description.

The second issue is that Instagram Business profiles will become disconnected at the time that the account attempts to auto-publish a post. 

A message (as below) will appear asking you to reconnect to your Instagram account, and more than likely you will be able to. Or so it seems. 

Once another post is set to go out using our auto-posting feature, the post will more than likely fail again. The cycle unfortunately will repeat again and again. 

However, there's no need to fret because we've created a video that's solved this problem for every customer who's contacted us about either issue! The steps in this video have been shown to be a fool-proof solution. If you fail to connect, please try again more carefully. 

Facebook Disconnect Issue Fix 

  • Start off by removing the Tailwind business integration from Facebook. Please visit this link and check "Tailwind" and click remove. DO NOT select the option to remove any posts that Tailwind has published to your Facebook Page or each of those posts will be deleted.

  • After deleting the integration, click this link to re-establish your connection between Facebook and Tailwind. Select "Connect to Your Facebook Pages" then "Continue as Your Name." 

  • Next select the Facebook Page that you want to link with Tailwind for the purpose of publishing your Instagram posts. Note: Even though the prompt says "Pinterest Pins," you're still on the right path!

  • After getting a successful connection message on Tailwind, head back to your Facebook Business Integrations manager via this link and make sure that Tailwind has permission to do everything that Facebook will allow us to do with your Page. Under "Tailwind" you should see the option to "View and Edit." Each toggle should be highlighted blue for "Yes."

Now that we have permission to publish directly to your Page on the Facebook side of the equation once again, please follow the steps that are in the video below and the remaining part of the article.

Please note that a part of the process will require you to switch from a business profile to a personal profile on Instagram. During this process, you will lose your current insights and analytics for your business profile within the Instagram app. But, your analytics in Tailwind will remain untouched! 

However, in order to get your account working, switching your account type needs to be done - this same issue will persist even if you choose a different social media scheduling platform due to the issue being on Facebook/Instagram's end.

Please make sure to follow along with the video and complete each step - as missing even one might be the culprit into you not being able to connect to Facebook. 

In case you're not able to follow along with the video, here are the steps for the fix in written form.

Items needed:

  • Your laptop/desktop with the Chrome/Firefox/Safari browser installed and open with 3 tabs: one on your Facebook Business Page settings, one on Instagram, and one on Tailwind.

  • Your mobile device with the Instagram app installed and open.

Steps to take:

  • In the browser tab open on, login with the account that you're having issues with - that's it for the Instagram tab!

  • On your tab, head to the Business Page that's associated with that Instagram account and go to your settings.

  • In the lefthand navigation, head to your Instagram settings for your Page.

  • Scroll to the bottom of your Instagram settings and select "Disconnect." 

  • On your mobile device, open the Instagram app and head to your profile settings by tapping first on your profile icon at the bottom right of the app, then tap the three bars at the top right to get access to the settings navigation pane.

  • Select "Settings" next to the gear wheel at the bottom of the navigation pane.

  • Next choose "Account" from the listed options.

  • Then select "Switch to Personal Account." As stated earlier, during this process, you will lose your current insights and analytics for your business profile within the Instagram app. However, in order to get your account working, the fix needs to be performed - this same issue will persist even if you choose a different social media scheduling platform due to the issue being on Facebook/Instagram's end.

  • After doing this, you should get a green banner at the top of your Instagram app that confirms you've switched back to a personal account. You're done with using the Instagram app for the rest of the process, so you can head back over to your laptop/desktop for the remaining steps.

  • Back on your Facebook Business Page Instagram settings, click "Connect Account" to reconnect your Instagram account.

  • Verify that the account you are reconnecting to is the one that you just switched to be a personal account. To move forward, select "Continue as @yournamehere."

  • After doing so, you should receive a pop-up within Facebook that asks you to convert your Instagram profile (back) to a Business profile.

  • Select "Continue" three times and you should receive a confirmation that your Instagram profile is now back to Business!

  • At last! Now that everything has been re-established, it's time to head on over to Tailwind and either reconnect your Instagram Business Profile, or setup auto-posting by clicking on the pink banner at the top of your Dashboard.

Additional steps to take to make sure that everything connects correctly:

  • Make sure that the email address listed on your Instagram Business Profile has been verified. This is different than verifying your account for the highly-sought-after blue check mark. You simply need to make sure that your email is confirmed as being the primary email for your Instagram.

  • Have a Creator account? Unfortunately you'll need to switch back to a Business account - as Creator accounts do not have access to auto-publishing at this time.

  • Make sure that your Facebook Page is set to "published" status rather than "unpublished." You can find the Page Visibility status at the top of your Page's General Settings.

Once again, we do apologize for the frustration and inconvenience this has caused/is causing. Give it a try and let us know if it works for you!

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