Thanks for joining Tailwind! This is an introduction to our feature-packed Instagram scheduler to help you get started publishing your very first post in Tailwind.

Getting to know your Tailwind dashboard

The Drafts Page will be the main workspace where you upload and edit Posts before publishing. You can find the Drafts Page under Publisher in the left navigation on your Tailwind dashboard:

On the Drafts page, you can upload your images, write your captions, tag locations and people, select hashtags, and more. There are 4 areas that you'll want to notice on the drafts page:

  1. The Upload Photo/Video button is where you'll click to upload images to Tailwind as drafts.

  2. The draft editor area, where you can crop your images, write captions, choose hashtags, and more.

  3. Your 9-grid preview. This area shows your publishing time slots for each day. Drafts appear as previews in your schedule slightly grey, and will show in full color when they've been scheduled. Scheduled posts can be dragged and dropped to rearrange their publishing order. The 9-grid preview shows you what your Instagram grid will look like when all of the drafts and scheduled images have been published.

Uploading your First Images

To get started, simply click on the Upload Photos/Videos button. From here, you can select images and/or videos from your computer folder system. You can also just drag and drop them onto your Drafts page! Once they’ve uploaded, they will appear in the Drafts section ready to be edited.

Note: Uploading video is only available for accounts with Auto Post enabled. Learn more about enabling Auto Post here.

The 9-Grid

As you add images/videos to your Drafts page, you’ll notice on the right side that the 9-grid preview will populate with them. This helps to give you a picture of how the drafts will fit in with the rest of your content, either scheduled or previously posted (you can tell which Posts are drafts by their lighter color).   

You can rearrange scheduled Posts in the visual schedule by dragging and dropping and see the changes reflect in your 9-grid preview in real time:

Editing Drafts:

Let's look at the things you can do while editing a draft post:

Generally, you'll want to set the following things for each draft:

1. Choose how to Post (publishing method) -- You can choose either the iOS/SMS Notification or Auto Post option. Not sure which option is the right one? Learn more here!

Note: some features are only available when using Auto-Post, for example people and location tags, hashtags in first comment, and video-posting.

2. Add/Edit Caption and Hashtags -- Next, start adding things like captions and hashtags by typing in the caption box, and you’ll start to see other suggested hashtags populate that have been color-coded to represent how many times each one has been used on Instagram. You can even create different collections of Hashtags with our awesome Saved Hashtags feature or, post your hashtags in the first comment!*

3. Add location tags and user tags to your image to increase your reach*

4. Select if you'd like to share to your Facebook page and Pinterest board in the cross publishing options*

5. Set a custom time for the post to publish, or click Schedule to quickly schedule your post for the next available time slot.

Note: Features marked with * are only available when using Auto Post.

Publishing to Instagram 

If you set your publishing method to Auto Post, you're done! Your scheduled images will automatically be published directly to Instagram at the scheduled time along with your captions, hashtags, user and location tags, etc.

If you're using a notification method to publish you will receive a notification when it's time to publish. The notification will include your image and your caption with hashtags. Simply use your mobile device to share the image from the notification to the Instagram app and paste the caption and hashtags into the caption field of Instagram. From here, you'll be able to publish through the mobile Instagram app as normal.

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