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Can Tailwind track my Etsy Shop analytics?
Can Tailwind track my Etsy Shop analytics?
Learn more about Etsy Shops claimed on Pinterest!
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Pinterest now allows you to claim an Etsy Shop without having to edit any HTML!

While you can now claim an Etsy Shop on Pinterest, Pinterest currently does not provide Etsy Shop domain analytics for their partners (including Tailwind). So until this changes, we won't have any Etsy Shop data available for your Website Insights tab. Since claiming Etsy Shops is relatively new, we're hoping Pinterest begins to offer this in the future! ๐Ÿ‘

Until this becomes available, you will need to leave the Website Domain blank on your Account Settings page or choose a different website to claim on Pinterest and track on Tailwind.ย 

If you would still like to claim your Etsy Shop on Pinterest to view its analytics on, visit Pinterest's Claim Your Instagram, Etsy, or YouTube Account and Claimed Account Analytics articles!

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