Pinterest has added a feature which allows users to upload an image and perform simple edits. This allows you to use one main image and create a nearly endless array of variants to help distribute your content. 

How it works:

1. Visit the Pin Builder on Pinterest (hit the red circle button with the "+" in it

2. Drag and drop an image (or video) to upload, click to upload, or "Save from site" to find the image on your website or blog.
3. Hover over the uploaded image and click on the pencil icon when it appears.

4. You can then crop the image to a more Pinterest-friendly ratio:

5. Or rotate the image for a new twist on an old image.
6. Make sure to "Update Changes" if you like the way it looks.
7. Next, hit the star button to add a logo. You can upload your image and then choose where exactly you want it to appear. Not that the recommended position is top or bottom middle (so Pinterest elements don't cover it up).

8. Now, for the ultimate in Pin editing - adding a text overlay!
       a. Choose from a variety of fonts and styles, then choose:
           - Text size and color
           - Text Alignment
           - Margin
           - Background
           - Text Position
           - Line and Letter spacing (Click on "+Show more options")
           - Transform to sentence case or all caps.

It's easy to see how one background image can become 2, 5, or even more Pins to help your content appear and succeed on Pinterest! 

Need a little extra help? Check out this video walk through from our Content Marketing Manager, Alisa Meredith! 

EXTRA TIP: You can upload and edit multiple images in one go by clicking the little Pin icon with the “+” in it at the top left of the main Pin Builder page. Why would you want to? Well, you might want to use the same Pin Title and URL for all the images and it’s so much faster to copy and paste in this one screen! You also might want to use the same description for each if you’re specifically testing Pin design performance (remember, the best tests involve only ONE variable - such as image). 

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