So you have the Tailwind Plus plan but you want more of your favorite features! No problem! You're already headed in the right direction because the Plus plan is going to be the basis of all things Tailwind!  

What are PowerUps anyway?
The great thing about PowerUps is that they allow you to get more out of the Tailwind features that you love! Even though you get 5 Communities with the Plus plan, maybe you want more! Maybe you love SmartLoop and don't want to slow down at the 250 Active SmartLoop posts included in the Plus plan. No problem! We've got you covered! PowerUps give you the option to get more of your favorite features.

How often am I billed for PowerUps?
When you sign up for PowerUps, they go on the same billing cycle as your Plus plan. For example, if you are on the monthly version of the Plus plan, your PowerUps will also be monthly. 

What kind of PowerUps does Tailwind have?
There are quite a few different PowerUps available. There are Communities PowerUps, SmartLoop PowerUps, and then PowerUp Bundles which are a combination of the two.

SmartLoop PowerUps:  
250 Active SmartLoop Posts are included in the Plus plan of Tailwind. What counts as an Active Post, you ask? Each Board a Pin is set to loop to counts as 1 Post. So, for example, a Pin looping to 10 Boards would count as 10 Active SmartLoop Posts, no matter how many times it actually publishes each month.

But with PowerUps, you're not limited to just 250 posts! 

Monthly SmartLoop PowerUps:

Annual SmartLoop PowerUps:

There is also an additional option, the SmartLoop Elite PowerUp, that will appear as an option after you've purchased the SmartLoop Max PowerUp. 

SmartLoop Elite PowerUp monthly:

SmartLoop Elite PowerUp annual:

Communities PowerUps: 

5 Communities and 30 Pins to Communities are included in the Plus plan of Tailwind but if you want more, we can absolutely help you out with that!

Monthly PowerUps:

Annual PowerUps:

PowerUp Bundle:
Please note that this option is only available on the annual plan.

The Unlimited PowerUp Bundle will save you $360 a year, while giving you access to unlimited SmartLoop posts, unlimited Communities memberships, and unlimited Communities submissions! Here's the breakdown of the pricing:

We can't wait for you to check out all of our PowerUps to find the perfect combination of features for you! 

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