Having Tailwind cross-post your scheduled Pins to a Facebook Page is just one of the ways we're making it quicker and easier to increase the reach of your content and grow your business 🎉. 

Facebook automatically searches the source URL of your post, looking for an image which is best suited for marketing on Facebook. Occasionally though there may not be a suitable choice, or you'll want to change it to something else.

If you're scheduling from a domain you have access to - you can override the default choice and have the exact image you choose publish instead! Happy days! 😃

If you're scheduling from a domain you cannot edit (such as an Etsy Shop listing), never fear, the Facebook Sharing Debugger is here! 

Cross-Posting from a Domain Where You Can Add HTML

Use Facebook Metadata to Ensure Pins Cross-Post to Facebook with the Correct Image

Pins scheduled to publish on a Facebook Page don't necessarily use the same image you've scheduled to go to Pinterest!

We use Facebook's open graph API to power Facebook publishing on Tailwind, including to determine which image should be included in the Facebook preview shown when the pin is cross-posted to Facebook. This is done by looking at the HTML code on the source URL of the Pin, to see if there is unique Facebook Metadata there which specifies if a particular image and description should be included in the preview link Facebook generates when someone links to that URL on Facebook.

For Facebook to pull a specific image from the source URL, you'll need to make sure that you have this metadata within the site code on that source URL. This sounds complicated, but it's actually fairly simple to set up - especially if you use a CMS like WordPress to run your website.

To learn how to setup your site and source URL's to have the right metadata to publish your preferred images to your Facebook Page, you can refer to Facebook's guidelines on Sharing for Webmasters. If you use WordPress to manage your website, there are multiple plugins available such as Social Warfare Pro which allow you to quickly and easily set metadata for your posts.

Keep in mind, you can only override this on URLs where you have access to make small changes and additions to the code.

Note: Tailwind can't provide individual technical support for implementing Facebook metadata onto your website.

Cross-Posting from a Domain You Cannot Edit

Use Facebook's Sharing Debugger Tool to Scrape a Fresh Image

If you are seeing an unexpected or old image publishing to Facebook, use Facebook's Sharing Debugger to have Facebook re-scrape the URL to find the current best image to publish with the URL. 

Have Facebook re-scrape the URL by following the steps below: 

  1. First, copy the URL that you would like Facebook to re-scrape for an updated image.  

  2. Paste the URL in the Facebook Share Debugger and click Debug.

After that, the Facebook Sharing Debugger will re-scrape the URL and show you the current best image Facebook has found to publish with that link. And that's it!

The URL you have debugged now publish with the newly scraped image any time you share that URL on Facebook - whether you publish the URL manually or by cross-posting through Tailwind! 🎉 

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