Our recommendations and hard limits prevent your Pins from being published too often. Unless you created many Loops with the same Pin in each Loop, it would be virtually impossible to Pin too often with SmartLoop. 

Don’t take this as a challenge, though! Those safeguards were put in place to keep your Pinterest marketing working well long term.

Want to see for yourself? First select your SmartLoop and click Edit Loop

Then click Next: SmartLoop Schedule

Then click on “Fine tune your Schedule with Advanced Settings,”

And you’ll see options to take more control of how your content is shared:

Rest easy knowing that SmartLoop will work hard Pinning your content for you while following the Pinning frequency that works best for your marketing strategy.

Helpful Tip:
Board rules apply to all Loops, but each Loop has its own schedule and needs to be adjusted individually. Because of this, we recommend that you don't put the same Pin in more than one Loop - this will make it easier to organize and plan out your SmartLoop strategy.

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