What Are the Best Practices of SmartLoop Setup? 

What content should I reshare?

  • Content your followers find engaging

  • Content that drives traffic and sales to your site

  • New content

Which Boards Should I Reshare to?

  • Any relevant Boards

When Should I Reshare?

  • For content that is relevant all year round, use an Evergreen SmartLoop to share consistently throughout the year.

  • For seasonal content, set up your Loops to start Pinning 45-60 days before the season or holiday starts and let it run right through the season or holiday.

What Are the Best Practices of SmartLoop Maintenance?

  1. Look at the Repin rate for the Loop. 

 2. My repin rate is 2.2 for this Loop. I’ll look at the Pins in the Loop and consider removing those that fall below that average, because this may mean that my followers are not finding this content appealing and are not engaging with it. To make this easier, I’ll sort the pins by lowest Repins. 

3. If a Pin has fewer than the average REPINS / PIN  consider removing it:

Why not automatically delete these “below average” Pins? If they haven’t been in the loop long or haven’t gone out widely, you may give them a little longer to prove themselves. In this case, these two are getting the axe!

And remember, it may not be the content on your website that your followers don’t find engaging - it could be the image or description. Why not take this time to create a new image and description to replace this one?

It could also be that high performers over time become low performers as your followers may have seen your Pin before. Again, freshen it up regularly to give your content new life on Pinterest!

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