You can upload images of any aspect ratio to Tailwind and quickly crop your image into a perfect square for Instagram.

Note: You must have an Instagram Business account and have Auto Posting enabled to use cropping with Tailwind.

1. On the Drafts Page, hover over your Post and click the cropping icon on the top left corner.

2. In the window the opens, click Landscape for a 1.91:1 aspect ratio. Select Square for a perfect 1:1 square aspect ratio. Select Portrait for a 4:5 vertical aspect ratio.

You can also move and resize the cropping area by dragging the dotted line around.

3. Click Crop to save your changes. You can see a preview of your cropped image on the Drafts Page.

Learn more about aspect ratios on Instagram in our Knowledge Base article: What types of images can I use with Tailwind for Instagram's Auto-Post feature?

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