Tailwind uses a third party system to send you text messages when it's time to post. If you are having issues receiving these messages, consider these questions:

  • Does your phone have reception when the messages are being sent? If not, try moving to a location with reception and try again.
  • Does your phone receive SMS messages sent from other sources? Try using another phone to send the "To" phone a test message.
  • Is your phone currently roaming internationally? If so - we're not able to support international roaming for SMS at this time.
  • Is your phone number on a "Do Not Contact" list for the country or carrier? Your number will need to be removed from any Do Not Contact lists before it can receive SMS messages.
  • Could your carrier filter out our messages? There isn't a standard "filtering" setting as every carrier is different and has different thresholds. If this is a possibility, try calling your carrier and see if they have blocked us from sending you texts.

Tailwind is based in the US. If you are an international user, please ensure that you enter your phone number in the proper format. Check out our Knowledge Base article: Can I receive SMS messages from Tailwind sent to my international phone number?

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