Yes, you can! It just needs to be in the right format.

If you are based internationally (we're in the US), you'll need to provide us with your phone number using the 'E.164 Phone Number Formatting' standard. It sounds complicated - but it's actually really simple!

Here's how it works.

  1. Let's say you're in the UK, and your local phone number is '020 1234 5678' - if you enter this into Tailwind it won't be accepted. Since we service customers from all over the world, we need your number in a standardized international format.

  2. To comply with this standard, you need to provide us with your International Country Calling Code (if you're not sure what your country code is, check this to find out), your Local Area Code, and finally your Local Phone number. If your number starts with a '0', you need to remove this too. You must not have any spaces in your phone number.

  3. For the example above '020 1234 5678', to format the number correctly you'd first need to add your International Country Calling Code, preceded by the '+' symbol. The UK's country code is 44. So you'd start off with +44. You'd then drop the '0' from your phone number - since this isn't required. From there - you then enter your Local Area Code, and finally the Local Phone Number. 

So for this example, you started with a number of:
020 1234 5678 - This number will not work in Tailwind.

After converting it to the international standardized format your end result would be:
+442012345678 - This number will work in Tailwind.

After entering the correctly formatted number into Tailwind you shouldn't have any trouble receiving our messages! But just in case you do, consider these points:

  • Does your phone have reception when the messages are being sent? If not, try moving to a location with reception and try again.

  • Does your phone receive SMS messages sent from other sources? Try using another phone to send the "To" phone a test message.

  • Is your phone currently roaming internationally? If so - we're not able to support international roaming for SMS at this time.

  • Is your phone number on a "Do Not Contact" list for the country or carrier? Your number will need to be removed from any Do Not Contact lists before it can receive SMS messages.

  • Could your carrier filter out our messages? There isn't a standard "filtering" setting as every carrier is different and has different thresholds. If this is a possibility, try calling your carrier and see if they have blocked us from sending you texts.

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