There are a few different options for importing Pins into your existing Loops:

Bulk Import

To add Pins to a Loop from Pinterest, click on the Loop, then click the green Add Pins button shown here:

Using the Bulk Import tool, you can import content from Pinterest or your website into your Loop. Tailwind will show your most recently added Pins at the top but you can also filter by specific Pinterest Boards, search within Boards, and even filter to only show content from your website:

Helpful tip: We highly recommend using the Most Popular button in the top right corner to select Pins that are already performing well on Pinterest. 

Draft Pin

Another option for adding content to a Loop is to create a draft Pin. Right underneath the button to add the Pin to Communities, you'll see the option to add the Pin to SmartLoop:

After clicking Add to SmartLoop, just select the Loop you want to add that Pin to:

Import from Pin Inspector

The third way to add content to a Loop is to do so from your Pin Inspector page. Just click Add to SmartLoop in the right hand column:

And then select the Loop you'd like to add the Pin too!

That’s it! Your SmartLoop will prioritize your newly-added Pin and share it first.

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