Here at Tailwind we understand that Pinterest marketers want to save time, and that resharing evergreen content on a continual basis (aka Looping) Pins has enabled many people to do just that. If you’re looking for a safe, smart, and high quality way to repost your Evergreen and Seasonal Pins, you’ve found it!

Stay consistently active with minimal effort and ditch the complicated spreadsheets! Add your Pins to SmartLoop once and we’ll re-circulate them for you - indefinitely.

We built Tailwind SmartLoop from the ground up to give you the time-saving convenience of looping Pins, without the blind repetition. Our goal is to give you transparency into what you’re looping and how it’s performing with SmartLoop Analytics, more control to improve that performance, and to empower you to share the right content at the best time of day and at most relevant time of year with Seasonal SmartLoop. Smarter scheduling and resharing to Pinterest can save you time while keeping your account active, safe, and making sure your content gets to the people who will engage with it. 

SmartLoop allows you to create a Loop of hand-selected Pins from your own Boards, Secret Boards, or Group Boards. It’s easy to get started with SmartLoop! Check out more articles in the SmartLoop Knowledge Base!

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