If you'd like to check in and review your Loops or make any changes to them, we have everything laid out for you in your SmartLoop dashboard! On the left hand side of the screen, you'll see all of your Loops listed out:

You might notice that in this set of Loops, only two have a green circle to the left. This indicates that they are active Loops, unlike the Paleo Recipes Loop, which is paused.

Note: If you want to pause a Loop, just hover over the Loop name and select the blue Pause button:

Changing Your Loop Schedule

If you'd like to change the schedule of a particular Loop, click the pencil icon next to your Loop's name to edit it:

In the edit page, click Next: SmartLoop Schedule and then Fine Tune Your Schedule with Advanced Settings:

Here, you can increase or decrease the number of daily timeslots this Loop has:

We'll preview the changes you make to the right:

On this page, you can also edit the time between the same Pin publishing to a different Board in this Loop:

This will help to ensure that you're not posting the same content back to back or even too closely together.

Finally, this page will show you the length of the entire Loop:

Loop Summary Overview

By clicking on an individual Loop in your SmartLoop dashboard, you'll be able to see an overview of what exactly is going on there, making it simple to dive in and make changes.

In the Upcoming box, you'll see how many Pins in that Loop will be published in the next 30 days, and the length of the Loop.

Helpful tip: The Loop length specifically indicates how much time it will take to Loop all pins to every Board in the Loop.

In the Loop Overview box, you'll see all the specifics on how many Pins, Boards and Posts (SmartLoop Post = 1 Pin to 1 Board), as well as how many Board Rules are currently being applied.

Here is also where you can tell the time it takes for Pins to be pinned to a Board, as well as the time it takes for Pins to be pinned again to the same Board.

Editing the Pins in a Loop

You can click in the area where any Boards are listed to make changes: 

Similarly, if you'd like to edit the description, just click in the description box on a Pin. This is a great way to experiment with hashtags, for example!

Helpful tip: You can sort your Pins by a number of different filters:

SmartLoop Analytics

To check on the performance of a Loop, just select that Loop on the left side of the page:

At the bottom of each Pin in your Loop, you'll also see analytics at the Pin level:

Pretty cool, right?

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