How to Use SmartLoop's Bulk Import Feature to Add Content to Loops

Using the Bulk Import tool, you can quickly import content into your Loops. Tailwind will show your most recently added Pins at the top but you can also filter by specific Pinterest Boards:

You can also search for specific keywords or hashtags, either in a specific Board or through all of your Boards:

If you'd prefer to only add content from your own website to a Loop, the bulk import tool will allow you to filter out all other content:

Note: To avoid adding duplicates to your Loop, Tailwind will automatically recognize if some Pins are duplicates and won't re-import those!

This is also true if we see that a Pin is already in the Loop even if you imported it previously. For example, if you re-import the same Board again, it will automatically identify only the newest Pins that haven't been added in the past yet and ignore all the duplicates! Neat, right?

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