Welcome to SmartLoop! SmartLoop was created to help you save time by resharing some of your most popular evergreen or seasonal Pinterest content so that you have a better opportunity to get it in front of more people who are likely to engage with it. With SmartLoop, you can set up collections of Pins that you want to reshare. These collections of Pins are called Loops.

How to Create Your First Loop

1. In your Tailwind dashboard, click on the Publisher tab, then click on SmartLoop:

2. Then click on Loop my Pins at the bottom of this page:

3. Here, you'll see the option to select an Evergreen Loop or a Seasonal Loop.

Evergreen Loops

Evergreen Loops will run year-round. Pins in Evergreen Loops will publish continuously - this means this kind of Loop is perfect for your best performing blog content on general topics such as organizational tips, fashion ideas, craft projects and recipes.

Seasonal Loops

Seasonal Loops have start and end dates, and are perfect for more seasonal content such as Halloween recipes, Christmas pins, or springtime projects. You'll have the option to set specific time ranges for these Loops.

Helpful tip: No pressure, you can always go back and change this!

4. Once you select Loop type, you'll need to name your Loop:

And then, it's time to add the Boards you want the content in this Loop to be published to:

5. The next step is adding Pins to your Loop!

Ah, you've got your settings in place for your new Loop - now it's time to add some content!:

Using the Bulk Import tool, you can quickly import content into your Loop. Tailwind will show your most recently added Pins at the top but you can also filter by specific Pinterest Boards, search within Boards, and even filter to only show content from your website:

You'll also notice that you have the option to select the entire Board, too, as long as your Board includes less than 25 unique Pins and you're confident that all the content on that Board will fit into the Loop!

Helpful tip: Since repeatedly sharing unengaging content can hurt the distribution of all your content, only share Pins your audience engages with. You can certainly loop your newest content, but you’ll want to keep an eye on its performance over time. Try refreshing images for Pins over time to keep engagement high!

6. Finally, click Next: Set Up Schedule to set up a time slot schedule for your Loop:

First, select whether the Pins in this Loop fit into your core content (to take up a larger part of your total schedule) or if the Pins in this Loop are more niche (to take up a smaller part of your total schedule):

Helpful tip: Choose a schedule based on what is most important.

For your Loop(s) with your most important content, choose “YOUR CORE CONTENT.” This loop will occupy more room in your overall Pinning schedule.

If your “Blogging” Loop has some great content in it, but it doesn’t supply your most meaningful impact and you want it to take up less room in the schedule, choose “NICHE TOPIC.”

(You can always fine tune your schedules after you choose an option.)

Once you select Core or Niche, we'll generate a preview of what that Loop will look like in your schedule: 

If you want to get into more intricate detail, click Fine Tune Your Schedule with Advanced Settings in the bottom left corner.

Here, you'll see the option to add looping time slots to your schedule and decide how long you want SmartLoop to wait before publishing the same Pin to a different Board. We'll show you a preview of these changes to the right:

Once you have things set up the way you'd like, click Finish Loop Setup and voila! Your first Loop has been created!

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