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How do I tell the difference between boards with the same name?
How do I tell the difference between boards with the same name?
Avoid a case of mistaken board identity with this helpful tip
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If you have a lot of boards on Pinterest, chances are some of these are Group Boards that you collaborate but have no control over its name. This can make for a very confusing experience when trying to schedule to certain boards if you don't know which one is which! So, we built a simple hover over the board name will show you just exactly who owns the board so you can differitiante between them and can continue scheduling knowing your Pins are going to the right place.

  1. When creating a draft pin to schedule, click into the board name box and scroll down to Paleo (do NOT type!) .

  2. Hover your mouse over the board name.

  3. Wait about 3-5 seconds. Look for the Tool-Tip "(/board owner/board name/)" - This is the owner of the board's Pinterest username and the name of the board!

Helpful Tip: Need to add both boards to the same Draft? Create a Board List for one of the boards, name it something you can remember (like the owner!) and then you can add the board list and the second board name to the draft.

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