Since our Content Library and Suggested Pins are still in Beta, you might have noticed some unexpected results that don’t seem relevant to your Pin or pinning strategy. Most often this happens when you’re pinning a niche subject that we just don’t have content for in our Content Library.

If the suggestions you’re getting don’t seem relevant to you, let us know!

  1. Just click the Feedback button or send us a message. Any helpful information you can include would be great - the pin or board we’re suggesting content for, what types of content you expected to see, what content we suggested, and any other thoughts you’d like to share. (We really love screenshots!)

Helpful Tip: There may be other Tailwind members in the same boat as you! If your website is RSS-enabled and has relevant content that you’d like to share with them, consider Applying for Suggested Content so that they’ll see suggestions from your domain!

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