After scheduling a Pin, we’ll offer you a few popular Suggested Pins that we think might be relevant to the board you’ve just scheduled to. These suggestions come from our Content Library — a collection of content from a set of website domains which have been chosen based on quality and relevance to Pinterest categories. Many of the websites in our Content Library come from our own members! If you’d like to share your own domain content with other Tailwind members, you too can Apply for Suggested Content. Don’t worry, it’s free! No paid advertising here.

Right, you were asking about where those Suggested Pins come from! We’ll look at a few things to match up Pin Suggestions to boards, including comparing keywords from: the Pin you just scheduled, its link, its description, the name and description of the board you scheduled it to, recent pins on that board, and the links in our own Content Library. That’s a lot of keywords to consider!

For instance if you submitted your domain feed and the posts are generally about home decor, then other Tailwind user's who pin to their home decor boards may see your content surfaced in their suggested pins.

Our Content Library is constantly pulling in new content from across the web. It’s still in Beta, so we’re learning a lot from your feedback! Just click the Feedback button or send us a message to let us know what you think.

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