When you first start with Tailwind, we personalize a Smart Schedule for you with optimized timeslots for posting to Instagram and Pinterest. We also make it incredibly easy to change it in any way you’d like so you can pin more or less each week.

Add Timeslots

  1. To add more timeslots, click the Add Timeslot button, and select the exact time you want to create a timeslot.

These timeslots will show up as gray v. green- just so you can clearly see that those are times you specifically created and added. 

2. The second way to add timeslots is by clicking the suggested timeslots outlined in dotted green. These are suggestions based on trends from topics you post most about, when your audience is most engaged, and overall Social Media trends. Don't need that many timeslots? Don't worry you don't have to add them! 

If you see a timeslot that you’d like to add, simply click it and it will turn solid green. This lets you know it is now set.  

Note: No pins will be scheduled to the dotted green times until you activate them and they are solid green.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to add more than one timeslot at a time, so you would need to repeat either step above to achieve the desired amount of timeslots per day. 

Remove Timeslots

  1. Click the timeslot you want to delete and then within the little pop-up window below, click the Trash can icon. 

2. In the "www.tailwindapp.com says:" pop-up, click "OK" to confirm deleting the timeslot.

Helpful Tips:

  • Do NOT toggle click "Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs" this will prevent deleting anymore timeslots! 

  • To get it to come back, log out of Tailwind, close the browser, and the pop-up window should come back.

Tutorial Video

Here is an in-depth tutorial video of how to edit and optimize Your Schedule.

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