If you've been scheduling a lot of Posts to a lot boards, you've probably noticed that your queue looks pretty inorganic because the same Posts are back to back. This is a good time to try out Drag and Drop to easily re-arrange the Posts in your queue so you aren't posting the same Post so many times in a row.

  1. Go to the Drafts page (located in the pop-out menu in the left hand navigation). 

2. Within the Your Grid section of this page, click and hold any Post to drag and drop to another timeslot. Try dragging a Post to a future date or drag a Post from the future to today. Magic. (You'll also notice the posts under the Your Post section will re-arrange according to the order to place them in on the Grid.)

Expert Tips:

  • Unlocked Posts will shift around the newly opened time slot to fill in the gap.

  • You can even drag and drop a locked Post, and a Post that has been manually scheduled!

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