UPDATE: Tailwind can now Post directly to Instagram automatically! Read more in our Knowledge Base article: How do I Automatically Publish to Instagram?

Tailwind allows you to manage and schedule Instagram content using suggest smart times to help maximize your Post’s performance.

After Tailwind analyzes your Instagram account and creates a schedule, you just need to fill your schedule with a queue of content. You can do this on your mobile device or on the desktop.


To schedule content on the desktop, you can upload content directly from the computer, or you can grab images from around the web using our browser extension. That content enters Tailwind as a Draft. Once you’ve added a caption, you’ll be able to schedule it to the next open spot in your queue.


To schedule content on your mobile device, you can select an image from the web or from your phone and send to the Tailwind app on your phone. Once in our app, you’ll be able to add a caption and schedule the photo.

Once it’s time for your photo to be posted, you’ll receive a notification on your mobile device (you'll need the app!) that it’s time to Post. Tap or swipe the notification to open our app, then click the “Post to Instagram” button! We’ll automatically copy your caption to your device’s clipboard and open the Post in Instagram. From here, feel free to add any filters or crop your photo, then paste your caption in and post your photo to Instagram.

If you selected the Auto Post method, your image will be sent directly to Instagram and posted with your caption without any further action from you!

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