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What happened to the Pin From Instagram feature?
What happened to the Pin From Instagram feature?
Our "Pin From Instagram" beta is going away... but you still create Pins from Instagram!
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Tailwind once had a beta feature called "Pin From Instagram." While we've ultimately decided to sunset that feature, it's possible to create Pinterest posts from your Instagram accounts! There are three different ways to do this currently.

1. When scheduling an Instagram post, you'll see that you have the option to crosspost it to Pinterest! Whenever we publish your Instagram post, a pin will be published to Pinterest at the same time.

2. In the brand new scheduling experience that Tailwind launched in 2021, you can publish multiple drafts to multiple networks at the same time. Upload one photo and create a Pinterest and Instagram draft post. Edit each, and then schedule them both!

3. Finally, you can always navigate to your Instagram profile in another browser tab and use Tailwind's browser extension to create a Pinterest draft post from your Instagram post.

Any one of these methods should make it relatively quick and easy to continue publishing your Instagram posts to Pinterest!

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