If you've recently removed some time slots, there's a chance there still may be a few hanging out in their previous time slot. To get these shifted into the new slots, you can take advantage of the Fill in Time Slots button.

Helpful Tip: Shuffling will only move the Pins around within other scheduled Pins and won't fill in open time slots.

To use the Fill in Time Slots button:

  1. Navigate to the Publisher tab in the left-hand column (look for the icon of a megaphone)

2. Just above the schedule on the right-hand side, click the little button with three vertical dots.

3. Select "Fill In Time Slots" from the drop-down menu.

4. In the pop-up window, click "Yes, Fill In My Time Slots" to accept.

5. Ta-da! All unlocked Pins have now been "condensed" to fill in the first available empty time slots. 

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