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How can I track my traffic from Pinterest?
How can I track my traffic from Pinterest?
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You’ll want to head over to the Monitor Your Domain section of the dashboard to see how many Pins are being posted from your website to Pinterest, their possible impressions, and generated visits to your website from those Pins.

After setting the date range at the top of the report, you can see how many Pins were created from your website over that period of time. That’s the bold number that’s selected in the image above. Directly below that in the green tag is the daily average number of Pins shared from your website over this period of time. We’ll also show you the total number of potential impressions generated from these Pins.

If you’ve connected Google Analytics to your dashboard already, Sync Google Analytics, then we’ll show you the number of visits you’ve received from all of the Pins that are out there on Pinterest. If you don’t have Google Analytics synced, then we’ll instead show you how many unique Pinners shared all of those Pins from your website.

The Insights report will also show you some of the top Pins from your website for the current date range selected:

Near the bottom of the Insights report, you’ll see a word cloud. The source of this word cloud is the Pin descriptions of every image pinned from your website during the current date range selected. It’s a great way to get an at-a-glance view of which topics are resonating with your audience most.

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