Worried that one of your pins failed to publish but not sure where to look? You can find any failed pins under the scheduled tab in the upper right corner. 

Now that we know where to find these pins, let's find out what is causing them to fail. 

We'll always show you why your Pin failed to Publish, so you know exactly how to fix the problem and move forward! All you need to do is hover over the Yield sign to the Right of the Failed Pin and read the tool-tip that tells you what happened. Then, look for the matching description below and we'll tell you what you need to do to fix the problem. 

A. Did you change your Pinterest Password?

Changing your password on Pinterest will also reset your connection with Tailwind, meaning we won't be able to post any pins you might still have scheduled at the time. To avoid any interruptions, please make sure to reconnect your account with Tailwind as soon as possible if you ever change your Pinterest password!

To fix: Simply log back into Tailwind and click “Connect Pinterest” when the window pops up or re-authenticate your Pinterest on the Reconnect Page.

B. Is your account in Safe Mode?

If Pinterest sees suspicious activity on your account, they'll put it in safe mode to protect your Pins and send you an email. Safe mode prevents any changes to your account until you reset your password. This includes preventing Tailwind from posting on your behalf.

To fix: Reset your password on Pinterest. Finally, simply log back into Tailwind and click “Connect Pinterest” when the window pops up or re-authenticate your Pinterest on the Reconnect Page.

C. Have you lost access to a group Board?

Occasionally, you’ll be removed from a group board that you’ve scheduled a pin to. As a result, we can’t post to it on your behalf. Total bummer.

To fix: Contact the owner of the group board and ask to be invited back in. Alternatively, reschedule your pin to another board!

D. Was the Board you’re posting to deleted?

Did you accidentally (or intentionally) delete the board you intended to post to? We’ve all done it! Even if you recreate the board with the same name, you’ll need to reschedule the pin to the “new” board.

To fix: Schedule the pin to an existing board.

E. Have you Pinned more than 200,000 Pins?

Woah! You must pin a lot! If you’ve pinned over the allowed amount, we’ll be unable to post more pins for you. For more information about Pinterest’s limits, please see their help article: Pin Limits on Pinterest.

To fix: Delete some pins before scheduling more.

F. Is the URL you’re linking to Spam?

Pinterest will reject posts that:

  • The link redirects from one page to another

  • The website has spammy, misleading or inappropriate content

  • The website was reported as spam or the owner of the site spammed Pinterest

  • The website otherwise violated Pinterest's Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy

For more information on what Pinterest considers spam, please see their help article: Blocked URLs on Pinterest.

If you think your site is incorrectly being marked as Spam, please reach out to their support listed in that article! 

To fix: Change the link to a destination that does not redirect or is considered spam. Alternatively, contact Pinterest support for help.

G. Was there a technical event?

Occasionally, Pinterest will have technical problems that prevent us from posting. We do our best to post these outages to Twitter and retry your post when they’re back up and running. It’s important to note that this happens very infrequently.

To fix: Check our Twitter account for the latest. We’ll post there if something is going on. 

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