Have you noticed that there are locks all over your scheduled Pins, but you aren't sure how they got there? We call this Locked Pins, and is used to help your queue be more flexible.

Benefit of Locked Pins

When creating an organic and interesting schedule, every so often you want to mix up your scheduled Pins and shuffle your content. However, anyone who is part of a group board with rules, knows that you don't want to always mix up all of your Pins- there are certain Pins that need to stay exactly where you put them. So by toggling the Lock on the scheduled pin, Tailwind won't move that pin if you were to re-arrange your content by shuffling.

The second benefit to Locked Pins is that by default all Interval scheduled Pins will be be locked when you schedule. This helps you see which pins you've scheduled at in Interval in a glance, as well as ensure that the pins maintain their Interval setting.

When we say that locking your pins makes your queue more flexible, it means that while the locked pin won't move if you shuffle you can still drag and drop a locked pin. We like to think that if you want to take the time to move a pin, it should move!

How to Lock and Unlock Pins

  1.  Go to the Scheduled Pins page.

  2. Within the "Your Schedule"  section of this page, hover your mouse over the bottom of the Pin image to toggle right to Lock or toggle left to Unlock.

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