For quite some time we have gotten consistent feedback about what frustrates bloggers, small business owners, and everyone in between what frustrates them most about Social Media Marketing; the overwhelming response is "Finding Relevant and GOOD content." We took that kind of feedback to heart and began working along side our Mission Statement, "Make world-class Marketing easy for everyone" to build a truly unique tool to Find Similar Content to what you already Pin! Look for the Find Similar Content button throughout the Dashboard!

When finding similar content to a Pin, we’ll look at keywords in that Pin’s description and its link and compare them to keywords for content in our Content Library. For boards, we’ll look at keywords in the board’s name and description, and in the Pins and links saved to that board. Learn more about how we curate our Content Library in the Knowledge Base Article, "Where do Suggested Pins come from?"

You can currently find this button on the Desktop dashboard's Pin Inspector, Published Pins Report, Board Insights Report and Trending Pins Report (Lite+ Plans).

We’ll also show you Suggested Pins based on one of your recent Pins when you visit the Drafts page but don’t have any drafts.

Expert Tips:

You’ll also see Suggested Pins when your queue (aka Scheduled Pins page) is empty and when you’ve approved all Pins in the Approval Queue! We want to make it as easy as possible to find and schedule quality content.

Not finding relevant content? Check out the Knowledge Base Article, "The Suggested Pins are not what I Pin about."

Looking to submit your own website to your Content Library? Check out the Knowledge Base Article, "How do I apply for Suggested Pins?"

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