Tailwind Communities will always have a free version available for use. We want it to always be easy for you to collaborate with people in your community. Right now, anybody can join Communities for free and schedule their first 100 Pins in Tailwind for free -- whether they’re from Communities or elsewhere. But once you’re out of your free scheduled Pins, you can still use Communities for free!

If you’re not using Tailwind to schedule your Pins, you’ll be able to click on the Source URL at the bottom of any Pin in a Community. When you click the URL of a pin, you'll be taken directly to that website. See the link at the bottom here (blog.tailwindapp.com):

Use the Pin-It browser button or click on any of the social share links in the article to share this blog post to your audience on many different platforms:

Even if you’re not using Tailwind to schedule your Pins, using your free Communities as a source for the highest quality content from your peers is a pretty great deal. And we hope that we can start saving you time with scheduling in the future!

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