Similar to how you can Find Similar Content on the Desktop Dashboard, you can also find interesting, relevant, and popular content within the iOS Mobile App! In the Discover screen, you'll be able to search and see a breakdown of how popular the content is, its source URL, and then schedule it!

Discover and find Viral Content in the iOS Mobile App 

  1. Tap on "Discover" in the Pinterest Account of the Tailwind Mobile Apple for iOS. 

2. Search for new and popular content by typing a term in the "Search" box. 

3. Every piece of content has a blue flame bar below it with the total number of times the image was shared within different networks. A higher number indicates that it is a popular image.

4. Tap on the image to find out which the different networks this post was shared in, and how often. For instance this content been shared shared 400 times in Pinterest and 2 times in Facebook. This gives us a total number of 402 which indicates its popularity. 

Schedule Viral Content

  1. Tap "Add to Drafts" to add it to your drafts view.
  2. Tap "Close" to find more content to schedule from the search result. You can always go back to your Drafts tab to edit the post.
  3. If you are ready to schedule that content immediately, tap "Edit/Schedule."
  4. Search or type in a Board Name to add a board and edit the description of the pin if necessary.
  5. Tap "Add to Queue" to send the pin to your queue and it is now scheduled! Once scheduled, the screen will go back to the original content within Discover.

Find Source URL of Viral Content

  1. Tap on any piece of content to bring it to full view and see the preview source URL. 
  2. Tap the three dots to the right of the URL to go directly to the blog.
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