Creating Hashtag Lists in the Desktop Webapp can definitely help you save time from having to copy and paste or re-type hashtags over and over again! Luckily, you can also use these same saved lists in the iOS Mobile App while Scheduling to Instagram.

See how to create these lists in our Knowledge Base Article, "Save Hashtag Lists".

  1. On a Draft or Scheduled Post, tap the green "#" button to access Hashtag Lists.

2. In the Hashtag Lists screen toggle between Recent and All to see either the most recently used Hashtag Lists or all of your Hashtag Lists.  

3. Tap to select the desired Hashtag List and it will populate in the caption. Tap the "Done" button to save the post and/or publish to Instagram. 

Helpful Tip: If you want to put your hashtags in the first comment, cut them from the caption, hit the "done" button, and then paste them into the first comment.

4. Voila! That Hashtag List has been added to the Instagram Post to now schedule or post directly to Instagram. 

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