Scheduling content on the go is easy with Tailwind's iOS Mobile Scheduling App! You can use the app to schedule Pins from your mobile web browser as well as directly from the Pinterest mobile app! Read on to see how to Schedule directly from Pinterest.

Grab the iOS mobile app from the iTunes Store, or from the Knowledge Base Article, "Does Tailwind have an iOS Mobile Scheduling App?"

  1. In the Pinterest mobile app, tap any pin you’d like to schedule to bring it to full view. (Or you can tap and hold on a pin to bring up the Share button!)
  2. Tap the "Share" button.

3. Tap “More Apps” and then tap “More” next to the list of apps that pops up as sharing options.

4. Tap the slider next to Tailwind to turn it on, then use your finger to slide and drag Tailwind up to the top to save time scheduling Pins later.

5. Exit out of this screen and go back to Pinterest mobile app and tap to share the Pin again. This time, in the "More Apps" section, Tailwind will be there for you to move forward with scheduling. (And you won't have to go through steps 1-4 again!)

6. Tap "Done" then tap the Tailwind icon. Edit description, select board(s), and tap "Schedule!"

Helpful Tip: If you would like to schedule your Pins later, tap "Save to Drafts"

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