You can add as many Pinterest or Instagram Accounts the Tailwind dashboard as you'd like! For added convenience, you can add as many free, or paid accounts, too. 

Every time you add a New Social Profile (aka accounts), such as Instagram or Pinterest, to the dashboard, it will always default to being a Free Trial. You can then upgrade that Account to any paid plan, and each Account thereafter upgraded will be charged an additional amount since only one Account is included in each plan. However, one thing to note is that every paid plan must be on the same billing cycle!

Some examples that might help explain how to add multiple Accounts:

Let's say you have one Pinterest Account on the Annual Plus Plan right now, and you've paid $119.88 for the full year. If you wanted to manage 2 additional Instagram Accounts on the Plus Plan (for a total of 3 Accounts) in the same Tailwind dashboard, then you could add each of them for an additional $119.88/year ($359.64/year in total). Each would also have unlimited Post scheduling that's available with our Annual Plan.

Alternatively, if you had one Account on the Monthly Plus Plan right now, paying $15/mo, the 2 additional Accounts would be $15/mo each, or a total of $45/mo for all 3. Each Account would get 400 Posts per month, and you could cancel at any time.

Ready to add more accounts? See how in our Knowledge Base Article, Add New Account

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