250 Active SmartLoop Posts are included in the Plus plan of Tailwind. What counts as an Active Post, you ask? Each Board a Pin is set to loop to counts as 1 Post. So, for example, a Pin looping to 10 Boards would count as 10 Active SmartLoop Posts, no matter how many times it actually publishes each month.

You'll see in your dashboard the option to purchase PowerUps for access to more Active Posts. You can trigger the upgrade modal to see the payment plans from various places in the SmartLoop dashboard or the Account Settings page:

Monthly PowerUps:

Annual PowerUps:

There is also an additional option, the SmartLoop Elite PowerUp, that will appear as an option after you've purchased the SmartLoop Max PowerUp. 

SmartLoop Elite PowerUp monthly:

SmartLoop Elite PowerUp annual:

If you're looking for a discounted price and are also a Tribes user, we recommend checking out our Unlimited PowerUp Bundle!

If you participated in our Private Beta before November 13, we'd like to give you a special "thank you" for helping shape SmartLoop. Each of your current Pinterest accounts will receive a permanent 50% discount on all SmartLoop PowerUps as long as you purchase one before Feb 28, 2019. Your discounted price will remain indefinitely for each account you maintain a SmartLoop PowerUp on.

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