When pinning evergreen content you might want to consider repurposing your Pins so there is a better chance your audience will see them. 

There are a few different ways to schedule your Pins to publish again at a later date.

  1. For instance, If you wanted to schedule one Pin to be published once a month throughout the entire year, you could add 12 boards to the draft Pin, choose the Schedule First Pin at and the Interval Length of 30 days and then schedule it. (You can even change the board to the same one once the pins are in the queue!) 

2. Manually schedule the Pin 12 times, each manual time would be 1 month apart.  

Helpful Tip: Follow this link to learn more about how to use the Interval Feature.

3. There is also the Re-Schedule this Pin button, on the Pin Inspector or Published Pins Page, that will add a Pin back into the Queue. 

As a Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner we've been trusted provide secure and accurate analytics and not break Pinterest's rules (aka Pinterest's Acceptable Use Policy).  You do have to actively select and schedule Pins with Tailwind, as Pinterest highly looks down upon anything "automated". Which is exactly why we've built Intelligent Intervals, to help you spread your content out and ensure your Pins are being posted at the best possible times.

NEW: Interested in helping us build the perfect tool to repurpose your evergreen content? Reach out and lets chat through it. We'd love to learn from you and how we can fit your needs!

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