You cannot Auto Post videos to Instagram, but there is a way to do it when you use SMS Notification or iOS Notification to post. 

1. Schedule any image (or a 'dummy' post) for the time you'd like to publish to Instagram as normal through Tailwind. Be sure to set the dummy post as as SMS Notification or iOS Notification, as this won't work for the Auto Post method.

2. When you get your reminder from Tailwind that it's time to post. Tap 'Post to Instagram'. This will open the Instagram app and with the dummy image you scheduled.

3. In Instagram, choose to post to your story/feed and then tap the 'X' in the top left corner.

4.Select the video you want to post from your phone's library. When adding the caption - use the paste function on your phone to paste in the caption which was included when scheduling the dummy image in Tailwind.

This way you will be reminded when it's time to post, and have your saved caption ready to go for when you want to post your video!

Learn more about the three methods of scheduling Posts to Instagram in our Knowledge Base article: Should I use Auto Post, SMS Notification, or iOS Notification to Post to Instagram?

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