You may have noticed a banner in the top left corner of your Tribe's Pins. These are just a quick way to see the Pins that you've published or scheduled to your boards.

Here is a Pin that I have published to my boards from my Tribe. It has a green Published banner to let me easily see that I've already published this Pin to one of my boards.

Here's a Pin that I have currently scheduled to my board, but it hasn't published yet. It has a blue Scheduled banner to let me know that I have this Pin scheduled to one of my boards now.

Helpful Tip:
You can use the Tabs at the top of your Tribe's page to quickly see your Pins and the Pins that you've published and scheduled from a Tribe. Read more about Tribes Tabs in our Knowledge Base article: Understanding the Tribes (All, New, Yours, Shared, Skipped) Tabs.

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